Partnering with I&V BIO for artemia enrichment using ORI N3

Artemia enriched with ORI
8 November 2023

In a significant leap forward for the aquaculture industry, Skretting, a global leader in aquafeed solutions and I&V Bio, a leading biotechnology company, proudly announce their strategic partnership to revolutionise artemia enrichment. 

Leveraging the innovative prowess of Skretting's and I&V Bio industry expertise, the collaboration aims to redefine the standards of aquaculture nutrition through the application of ORI N3, Skretting’s cutting-edge nutritional supplement in artemia enrichment.

Artemia, the key to nutrient-rich aquafeed

Artemia, often referred to as brine shrimp, serves as a vital component in the early stages of various aquatic species' life cycles. Ensuring the optimal nutrition of artemia is essential for the healthy growth and development of shrimp in aquaculture systems. Skretting and I&V Bio recognise the importance of this foundation and have joined forces to enhance the nutritional value of artemia using ORI N3.

ORI N3: A breakthrough in aquaculture nutrition

ORI N3, developed by Skretting, is a revolutionary nutritional supplement enriched with essential proteins, lipids, and micronutrients. This advanced formula is specifically designed to boost the nutritional content of artemia, providing a balanced and comprehensive diet for early-stage aquatic species. With its unique composition, ORI N3 ensures optimal growth rates, improved resistance to diseases, and enhanced overall health for shrimp.

Skretting's expertise and distribution network

Skretting, known for its expertise in formulating high-quality aquafeed, brings a wealth of experience and a vast global distribution network to this partnership. Their deep understanding of the aquaculture industry and commitment to sustainability align seamlessly with I&V Bio's vision of revolutionising aquaculture nutrition.

A sustainable future for aquaculture

The partnership between Skretting and I&V Bio represents a significant step toward sustainable aquaculture practices. By enhancing the nutritional quality of artemia through ORI N3, both companies aim to contribute to the overall well-being of aquatic species and, consequently, the sustainability of the entire aquaculture ecosystem.

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