AquaVision - a platform for the aquaculture industry

For 20 years, Nutreco and  Skretting have hosted AquaVision. This  multi-stakeholder platform brings together board-level executives, influential public officials and key members of the NGO community to discuss issues facing the feed-to-food value chain now and in the future.

Skretting/Jan Inge HagaThe blue revolution

The 12th edition of AquaVision was attended by more than 450 delegates from 45 countries. Led by former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, a total 26 speakers inspired and motivated participants to discuss about the long-term vision of the aquaculture industry based on the Blue Revolution, a concept coined by The Economist magazine in 2003. In addition to salmon, this year’s conference also provided a wider overview on the development and opportunities for species such as shrimp and tilapia in growing areas such as Africa and Asia.


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Summary of the 2018 conference

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Ban Ki-moon, Keynote speaker AquaVision 2018

"I have come to know much better the importance of aquaculture. Keep in mind what you are doing should be conducted in an environmentally sustainable way. We are all in this together."

Ken Hughes, Director, Glacier Consulting

"Old ways of working won't open new doors."

Sir Bob Geldof, Keynote speaker AquaVision 2014

“Aquaculture will help to bridge the gap between sustainable fisheries and global demand, but only when practiced responsibly.”

Kofi Annan, Keynote speaker AquaVision 2012

“Aquaculture offers an increasingly attractive solution to meeting food needs. Aquaculture is already the fastest growing animal food producing sector, but the potential for further expansion is great. I do not ask you to change direction but I ask you to accelerate progress.”

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