9.3 Aqua in Bocca

In 2017, Skretting Italy started a stakeholder engagement project aimed at creating shared value using sustainability as a leverage. The initiative revealed a need to improve and coordinate the communication initiatives of the different stakeholders in the supply chain (feed producers, farmers, suppliers, distributors) to fight fake news and improve the perceived value of Italian aquaculture products among local consumers.

After running different initiatives and public events, the project had an important highlight in late 2018 with the launch of “Acqua in Bocca!” communication kit, a practical handbook designed in collaboration with stakeholders aimed at closing the information gap between the industry and consumers through frequently asked questions on aquaculture in areas like human nutrition, sustainability, animal welfare and innovation.

“After two years of collaborative work with relevant players in our value chain, including NGOs, retailers, chefs and journalists, we have seen that some of our customers are already experiencing better commercial results, whereas others are using the kit with their own customers.

“We’re confident that "Acqua in Bocca!" will keep supporting the aquaculture industry in Italy by helping farmers to better communicate the value of their products. For us it is a way to be perceived as a real partner, able to create shared value,” says Umberto Luzzana, Skretting Italy’s Marketing Manager.

Marco Gilmozzi, President of the European Federation of Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) has been part of Skretting Italy’s Acqua in Bocca programme from day 1.
“In Acqua in Bocca, Skretting Italy has delivered a very helpful manual for fish farmers that, probably for the first time, allows them to explain to people what our industry is and does in an easy-to-understand way. It also provides answers to key questions that might be asked by customers, journalists and the general public. I have asked Skretting to find a way to distribute a version of Acqua in Bocca to all European farmers, so that we may together build a common and shared vision on all the major points of our business.”

After the positive results seen in Italy, in 2020 Skretting will organise an internal workshop with other operating companies interested in exploring this approach and adapt it to their own local realities.

“Acqua in Bocca!” provides answers to key questions that might be asked by customers, journalists and the 
general public


10. Planetary challenges

We are part of a rapidly changing world. A fast-growing population that is becoming increasingly mobile and urbanised is transforming our planet at an unprecedented rate, and creating significant consumption challenges in the process.

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