In 2020, our Operating Companies (OpCos) continued to work closely with third-party independent bodies, customers and local authorities to ensure compliance with standards, regulations and certifications to guarantee the consistent formulation and production of high-quality animal nutrition and fish and shrimp feeds.

Nutrace® is Skretting’s company-wide management programme that ensures feed-to-food quality and safety. All internal operations are audited and all suppliers undergo a comprehensive evaluation and approval process to ensure premium-quality, renewable and responsibly managed resources. We conduct robust analyses of all approved raw materials - at delivery, throughout the formulation process, and up to the point of feed delivery.

Skretting OpCos are certified to a number of ISO standards which help us ensure that we have consistent quality systems and continuous improvement. We are also certified according to private standards that are important for our customers to gain market access. Below is an overview of certifications and compliance held by our OpCos.

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