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Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our global product portfolio.

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Sea bass

AquaCare Probiotic for sea bass

AquaCare Probiotic is a bioremediation product in Skretting’s water care portfolio. AquaCare Probiotic's formulation is designed to improve water quality, support growth and feed conversion ratio for fish and shrimp.

Gemma for sea bass

The GEMMA range of products has been specifically formulated and developed to facilitate the weaning and pre-growing of marine fish larvae and juveniles.

HTO2 for sea bass

European seabass underperform under challenging summer conditions, due to both temperature exceeding the optimal and also lower oxygen availability. By supporting the fish with the right nutrition, these challenges can be overcome.

myProtec for sea bass

myProtec offers customisable, documented health solutions targeting specific challenges to meet each farmer’s unique needs.

NEPTUNE for sea bass

NEPTUNE is a dry algal substitute recreating the natural green water environment for early larval rearing conditions.


Optibass is a complete grower diet which is specifically designed to satisfy the nutritional requirements of European sea bass.

Optibass is formulated on a digestible nutrients basis and is based on the MicroBalance® concept.

ORI for sea bass

ORI is a complete range of culture and enrichment products for live feeds formulated with highly balanced nutritional components to allow optimal uptake, encapsulation and retention.

ORI N3 for sea bass

ORI-N3 is an innovative algae blend of high DHA algae allowing maximal uptake of DHA into the Artemia in a very flexible and convenient manner. Dosage and enrichment time can be tailored to best suit operational and nutritional requirements.

Perla for sea bass

The Perla range of products has been specifically formulated and developed to facilitate the weaning and post-weaning of marine fish larvae and juveniles and in particular sea bass and sea bream.

SHIELD for sea bass

SHIELD is a feed designed to support sea bream external barriers such as gills and gut.

SHIELD formulation and combination of functional ingredients give the fish broad support under different environmental conditions. SHIELD is especially focused on maintaining good gut and gill health. An optimal gut and gill functionality is important for optimal performance.