Nutra Sprint for Atlantic salmon


  • Improves first feeding
  • Faster growth
  • Good water stability
  • Strengthens the immune system

Setting your fish up for life

Early nutrition is essential for life performance. Nutra Sprint provides the foundation for fast growth, while meeting the specific nutritional needs of the fry, using ingredients that are easily processed by the developing digestive system.

Nutra Sprint is our smallest extruded starter feed, packed with vital nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of the salmonid larvae. Nutra Sprint is produced with selected raw materials that are highly palatable and digestible for the first feedingfish.

The slow sinking rate of the pellet makes the feed easily accessible and attractive to the fish. The water stability of the feed is carefully monitored during production to ensure good physical quality and reduced nutrient loss into the water.

Tailored nutrition

Nutra Sprint is tailored to the specific nutritional profile required after the fish have absorbed all nutrients available from the yolk sac post-hatching. Nutra Sprint supports complete organ development - not only building muscle, but building the foundation for all organs. Nutra Sprint contains many beneficial ingredients, optimised to suit the stage of the fish, including selected raw materials to allow for easy digestion in the young and underdeveloped digestive systems.

A better start

The digestive system of fry at first feeding is very simple. The number of pyloric caeca increases with fish size. At the same time, the fish are metabolically active - this means there is a mismatch between the growth potential and capacity of the digestive system to support the growth.

Nutra Sprint helps to prepare the fish anatomically and metabolically, by ensuring the essential nutrients for the building blocks of the cells are available. Feeding Nutra Sprint results in early progressive feeding behaviour, related to the physical and nutritional qualities of the feed.

Feeding recommendations

The feed is available in three pellet sizes: 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm. Nutra Sprint is recommended to feed to fish in sizes ranging from 0.18 grams up to around 3.5 grams.

Suitable for

  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Transfer
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle