Protec Gill for Atlantic salmon

  • Includes full Protec pack with the benefits from Protec
  • Specific support for gill health
  • Improves mucosal quality

Protec Gill has been specifically designed to ensure good gill health. Well-functioning gills are vital for oxygen uptake, ionic exchange and the general welfare of the fish. Gills are vulnerable organs and frequently challenged by the environment and microbes. Ensuring good gill functionality is an effective preventative measure.

Fish gills under a microscope

Targeted ingredients

Protec Gill has all the benfits from Protec because it includes all Protec ingredients. In addition, Protec Gill includes ingredients that support the functionality and health of the gills. Trials have shown changes in the composition of mucus for improved quality. Fish fed with with Protec gill has shown better resilience towards external challenges.

Suitable for

  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Transfer
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle