Prime for Atlantic salmon


  • Increased appetite
  • Faster growth
  • Solid foundation for later growth phase

Faster to harvest

Prime & Express are the next generation of feeds for post-transfer salmon. These grower diets enable a shorter production time in the sea, without compromising fish health or final quality.

Prime is a post smolt diet which prepares and supports fast, high quality growth. Prime prepares, or primes, the fish, building a solid foundation to support fast, high quality growth.

About Prime


MicroBalance® inside ensures high flexibility in the use of feed ingredients

Versions available in some markets:

    • FLX (0 % fish meal)
    • N3 (alternative omega 3 fatty acids)
    • Infinity (0% marine ingredients)

About microBalance

A picture of a salmon farm in the sea with snow capped mountains in the background

Tailored for the environment

Express is available with tailored versions in some markets:

  • HT (high temperature)
  • Polar (cold temperature)

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Suitable for

  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Transfer
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle