Skretting Sustainability Report 2021

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Roadmap 2025

Our Sustainability RoadMap 2025 was approved by Nutreco’s Management Board (formerly Nutreco Executive Leadership Team) in June 2020. It consists of three principal pillars: Health & Welfare; Climate & Circularity; and Good Citizenship.

After the RoadMap was adopted, we focused on developing processes and systems to help us accurately measure our progress in 2021 so that we could fully report on the goals and targets it outlines. Those goals and targets are measurably defined to be the basis for this and future reports.

During the fourth quarter of 2020 and first quarter of 2021, we worked to raise awareness – both internally and externally – around the RoadMap and sustainability.

For each of our RoadMap 2025 goals and targets, we have aligned an SDG sub-target to measurably address relevant issues. We referenced the “Business reporting on the SDG, interpretation for business” of the SDG to assist us in addressing the issue.

RoadMap focus and themes

Health & welfare

Anti-microbial resistance

We do this by... 

Innovating new products and services that will reduce dependency on antibiotic usage in animal husbandry and adopting five-step targets that will significantly reduce antibiotic usage by creating business opportunities for clients.

Soft targets

Animal welfare

Climate & circularity

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions

We do this by...

Utilising science-based targets to set targets for reducing emissions through energy efficiency programs and sustainable ingredient sourcing, incorporating life-cycle assessment methodologies, as well as utilising new ingredients.

Addressing responsible use of natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems in compound feed ingredients.

Soft targets

Packaging / Water / Waste

Good citizenship

Diversity and inclusion

We do this by...

Addressing diversity and inclusion in staff.

Empowering local communities with best practices and technology to raise themselves out of extreme poverty through farming sustainability.

Soft targets

Stakeholder engagement

*Soft targets are measurable targets that are relevant for our businesses in geographies or markets where there is demand for addressing the respective topic.

Topics handled by other departments:

  • Employee development
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Human and labour rights
  • Products Quality Assurance

RoadMap 2025 progress assessment tool

At the end of 2020, the Nutreco Sustainability Platform launched the new online RoadMap 2025 progress assessment tool to be used to monitor progress made on our RoadMap 2025 targets over the next four years.

On an annual basis, the General Managers of our businesses and division Functional Directors are asked to respond to specific questions related to the completion or partial completion of the targets and goals reflected in RoadMap 2025.

The RoadMap 2025 progress assessment tool has been developed to:

  • Track the progress of our businesses and business lines towards reaching the RoadMap 2025 sustainability targets.
  • Be a tool for our general managers to prioritise efforts and resources for the next period to improve progress towards reaching our RoadMap 2025 targets.

We created a dashboard that gives local managers insight into their score and allows them to compare themselves to the internal benchmark on various RoadMap 2025 targets.

In 2020, Nutreco conducted a trial execution of this progress assessment tool. We identified areas of improvement and baseline data to mark our starting point towards our targets. In 2021, we revised and strengthened the progress assessment questionnaire, allowing us to track our progress relative to 2020. The results per pillar are weighted according to the number of targets and relative importance.

RoadMap 2025 pillars and progress in 2021

Roadmap progress table


Pillar 1: Health & welfare

Our Health & Welfare pillar is focused on addressing the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through strategic reduction of antibiotic use and eliminating the use of specific groups of antibiotics. In this RoadMap 2025 pillar, we identify five specific targets.

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